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About us
The Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in London, England - No. 922278.

Our Registered Office is at 96A Brighton Road, South Croydon, CR2 6AD, United Kingdom.

We are a registered charity No. 260739.
What's on this site?
This is the main web site of the Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society (CNHSS) and contains material which may be of value to you if you are studying the Croydon region.

Founded in 1870 as the Croydon Microscopical Club, the CNHSS has much in the way of printed matter and museum specimens that is relevant to the district and the archives may help your studies.
The Library
Difficulties in reinstating the Society's library, following the building works of a few years ago, continue. We have had squirrels in the loft. Fortunately, they seem to prefer chewing old cardboard boxes, and turned their noses up at academic journals and important maps! We are still clearing up the mess! However, the library service continues to operate.

The librarian is always anxious to help members, or others, with specific research projects. A letter setting out fairly exactly what is required is the best approach. He can open the library at almost any mutually convenient time. Contact details: Paul W. Sowan, Librarian CNHSS, 96a Brighton Road, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 6AD. Alternatively, use our Comments & Queries page.

Do you think that the CNHSS library might have something useful to you in your researches? We have material relating to: e.g. the local history, archaeology, natural history, geology, industrial archaeology, meteorology, transport, conservation and planning of the district. In addition to the books, the library contains a selection of periodicals which can be consulted for up-to-date information on particular topics. Although much of the material is concerned with the Croydon region, some of the periodicals cover national and international topics. If you want to find out what new material there is in the Society's library, read about the Croydon Bibliographies for Regional Survey below.
The CNHSS Bulletin
Currently three issues of the Society's Bulletin (ISSN 0309 - 6149) are published each year. One issue is published in March and contains the notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Society, the Directors' Report and the Accountants' Report.

The other two issues are published in March and September and contain various articles, usually of local interest, and general Society information. All issues are sent out to members and libraries.

The Society is an educational charity and its council has agreed that, in keeping with this status, those Bulletin articles on topics which may be of interest to persons researching Croydon and the surrounding areas should be placed on the Society's web site. Indexes and articles from issue 88 onwards (from 1990) are available.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Society retains the copyright in the articles and any associated illustrations. However, they may be freely copied for personal use or for in-house use provided that the copyright is acknowledged. Any queries concerning copying for commercial purposes should be addressed to the Bulletin editor, John B. Greig, 62 Boundary Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 4AD.

Certain articles have been reprinted with permission from publications of other organisations. In such cases the origin of the article is acknowledged and any queries concerning copyright should be addressed to the organisation holding the copyright.
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Croydon Bibliographies for Regional Survey
The Bibliographies (CBRS) are Society publications containing, usually, information about the books and periodicals that have been acquired by the Society. They are published irregularly (ISSN 0309 - 8591). They contain the bibliographic details of the individual articles in periodicals with, if the title is not self-explanatory, a very short indication as to their content. The bibliographies have been available to members and libraries, we are also making them more generally available here. We hope to extend the present coverage back to earlier issues.

CBRS issues contain the details of books and articles grouped according to :

  • Archaeology & Industrial Archaeology
  • General, Geography, Planning, Conservation & Reference
  • Geology & Earth Sciences
  • Local History
  • Museums
  • Natural History
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